Carl’s InterDimensional Traveling Tips

Need to get away? Carl’s been traveling around in the universe for a few centuries. He wants to share some helpful tips for inter-dimensional travel with you!

Everything Is Energy

Here’s how to access the waves of the universe for inter-dimensional travel.

Travel Tip #1

Don’t get confused about not being able to go on your trip if you should happen to not be feeling your best.
Know that love is always loving you, and that is ALL that’s needed to start your journey.

Travel Tip #2

Move about your “cabin,” with kindness.

Travel Tip #3

To make your inter-dimensional voyage more satisfying, we recommend joy. To access joy it can be the simplest of things.
Perhaps a good cup of coffee and a doughnut, or giving a smile to a stranger, or getting a big sloppy kiss from your dog.



Peace out.