The Secret To Unlocking Your Superpower

Tired of feeling stuck and wishing your life was different?! Wondering what life would be like if you discovered your superpower?! What would life feel like if you could start living your superpower?!
Here in the Dragonfly Realm, we don’t need to be right, we just really enjoy being helpful. In all of our centuries of existing we have found the following steps to be very helpful to starting YOUR journey of discovering your superpower: 
Five things to quit right now:
1. Trying to please everyone.
2. Fearing change.
3. Living in the past.
4. Putting yourself down.
5. Overthinking. 
Know this, we all have our own superpower. Your superpower  may not be the same as your friends. 
We’re here to support and encourage you that a little bit of bravery and a little bit of crazy is part of the journey of this discovery.
The first sensation you feel as you start down your path may be an experience of relief. Implementing these five steps have proven to be very effective and helpful for living a superpower charged life in the kindness dimension. 
Peaceee, Peace Out,
From the Dragonfly Realm